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Clem’s Story

If we had met a few years ago, it would of gone like this;

“Hi. My name is Clem. Oh yes, I am currently working as a FIFO worker and live with my loving family in our own home”.

Fast forward a few years and we meet again;

“Hi. My name is Clem and I am currently homeless and sleeping in my car”.

You may ask why, how, since when and a number of other questions and deep down thinking how could this happen and probably believe it could not happen to you.

The truth is after experiencing severe difficulties such as relationship breakdown with my family, unemployment and battling health conditions, I found myself in a situation that conflicts with our basic need for survival, which is shelter. At first I will admit there was something romantic about having the ability and freedom to wake up and go to sleep in a different place every night, though it had to be in the confinement of my car. You could say I lived the nomadic life, which is not for everyone but it definitely had its moments. I would catch myself at times yearning for a home which feels like mortar and bricks that could provide me with stability and security which is something I had very little of at the time. I managed to muster the courage to ask for help and it came in the form of crisis accommodation at 55 Central.

For the first time in a few years, I had a room to myself. Now I can share with you that I have been fortunate enough to have secured my own Housing Authority property and even celebrated my first year anniversary in the house. Yes, you heard right, after so many attempts over the years to end my cycle of homelessness it came to an end. I succeeded.