55 Central is a specialist organisation that operates in the inner metropolitan area and works to break the cycle of homelessness by providing person centred, evidence based services to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


55 Central is an Incorporated Association with public benevolent institution status. It is governed by a Board of Directors who meet at least six times a year and hold an Annual General Meeting within four months of the end of the financial year.

The Board exercises the governance functions of 55 Central and are responsible for setting the strategic direction and establishing the policy framework for the organisation’s work. The names of Board members throughout the year and at this date in time are:

    • Eric Purvis, Chairperson
    • Grant Meyer, Treasurer
    • Liz Gliddon, Secretary
    • Angela McKimm, Board Member
    • Don Tunnicliffe, Board Member

The members bring with them a range of skills, expertise and community based experience. The positions of Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the Board members. New Board members are nominated and appointed at the Annual General Meeting. In fulfilling its obligations to its stakeholders, the Board of Directors are a strong advocate of best practice in governance.

Our values

    • Integrity
      We are honest and ethical in all our dealings with clients and stakeholders.
    • Equality
      55 Central acknowledges that discrimination exists institutionally as well as at a societal level. We will seek to address discrimination by recognising who is at risk and ensuring that safeguards are in place to reduce this. Our services will seek to be sensitive and responsive to the diverse cultural, ethnic and religious diversity of client’s needs.
    • Inclusion
      The views and needs of clients are central to the development and delivery of all our services. In the delivery of good outcomes for socially excluded groups, we will seek to involve the inclusion of other specialist services towards this objective.
    • Commitment
      We are committed to achieving best practice standards and excellence in the quality of services we deliver.
    • Respect
      We hold a regard for the dignity and uniqueness of every individual and their capacity to achieve an independent and personally fulfilling life journey.



Our Stories

Neil’s Story

Neil a 42 year old from Perth was referred to the Crisis Accommodation by a hospital Social Worker following treatment for chronic pancreatitis. Neil had a long history of severe alcohol dependency, but had remained abstinent for several weeks and had every intention of remaining so. His dependency to alcohol largely stemmed from a lack of confi


Trisha’s story

Trisha a 27 year old female has been with the Community Support Program for five years. Trisha had been a gifted student and in her early twenties she was in her final year of her biochemistry degree and was intending to undertake a PhD. This was cut short after she was admitted to an acute psychiatric ward in Melbourne as an involuntarily client w


Our Services

Crisis Accommodation

Funded through the State Department Child Protection (DCP) as part of the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA) 55 Central's Crisis Accommodation service provides 24 hour emergency crisis accommodation for single adult males between the ages of 18-65.


Community Support Program

Funded through the Mental Health Commission, the Community Support Program provides a comprehensive range of integrated support services to male and female adults, who have a diagnosed mental illness. One full-time dedicated client Case Manager operates the s


Housing Support Street to Home

Funded through Department of Child Protection (DCP), Street to Home represents a comprehensive multiagency response towards addressing the needs of rough sleepers. Overall the Street to Home model comprises three integrated elements: assertive outreach, mobil


Primary Medical Care

Australians have one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, second only to Japan, but the prevalence of chronic diseases amongst homeless and marginalised people is disproportionately high. This group faces a range of risk factors including drug and


Crossroads Project

Funded through the Drug and Alcohol Office, the Crossroads Project comprises a partnership between 55 Central, Saint Patrick's Community Services and Curtin University. The project provides a unique and innovative response towards tackling alcohol and drug relat